How It Works?

How It Works?

Travel Agents who are interested to GO ONLINE (with own Website and Booking Engine and payment gateway, Mobile Application, Corporate Booking Tool and Travel Agent B2B Platform for sub-agents and own staff usage) can download B2B Agent Platform, B2C, Mobile Application and Corporate Booking Tool and contact

Travel Agents can download the DEMO from the TAAICONNECT.COM website to get the first-hand experience of how the B2B, Corporate Booking Tool and Website will look like.

Once approved by TAAI CONNECT; Travel Agents will need to contact their respective GDS, Hotel Suppliers, Payment Gateway, Direct Connect Airlines, and other suppliers to provide the online credential to TAAI CONNECT team to activate it on their live platform.

Since Payment Gateway is integrated with the Travel Agents own bank account, settlement of travel products (tickets, hotel etc) issued on the website will be channeled to the agencies bank account.

The GDS credentials used are that of the Travel Agents hence segments incentives will be credited directly to the Travel Agency

Parallely, those Travel Agents who would like to have competent content (Hotel, Car, Transfer, Flight, activity etc) on their TAAICONNECT B2B, B2C, Mobile Application and Corporate Booking Tool can contact

Download the B2B platform with test credentials
Contact to provide your actual credentials
Top up the Account for using the Content (Flight, hotel, car, transfer or activity) using Credit Card, ATM Deposit, Bank Transfer, or Cheque Deposit
and start using the service.

As a Travel Agent, you do not need to have the technical knowledge of how to manage your website etc; the same will be managed by TPConnects Technologies

For any questions, clarifications, guidance on TAAI CONNECT please contact