TAAI-Connect is a Digital Empowerment initiative, introduced by TAAI to help our members go online, without any substantial investment to create a Technology Platform. In view of the evolving industry scenario, to power a travel agency with an online capability is most needed.

TAAI-Connect has been thus launched to offer our members the following:

  1. A website
  2. Website integrated with a Booking Portal for Air Products
  3. Booking Portal integrated with Agency’s preferred GDS
  4. The engine will be connected with Agency’s ticket stock or through an assigned ticket stock.
  5. There is also a Booking Portal for Non-Air Products.
  6. Integrated with the Payment Gateway (Agency’s own bank account).
  7. Our next aim is to make the platform NDC capable/certified

The Managing Committee has decided that in order to help the active development of TAAI-Connect, an AOP is created to have all those on TAAI-Connect to be members of the AOP. In a market that currently exists, it is imperative that our members are able to source the right products at the best price for their customers. Thus our members will be able to sell a wide variety of products/services by joining TAAI-Connect Program.

Participation in the AOP will be in different levels.

Level One: TAAI-Connect user Agencies must be enrolled into the TAAI-Connect AOP in order to be offered the platform. The AOP can frequently review the developments made to the TAAI-Connect Platform in order to ensure that TAAI-Connect is well maintained and improved from time to time. A member can connect to use the platform offered or may join to offer products (air or non-air) to benefit the users.

Level Two: TAAI-Connect AOP will offer the option to the “User Agencies” to also join a Joint Bank Guarantee for Air or Non-Air Products (Non-BSP). This will support members to connect with top suppliers and get best rates without giving such suppliers an independent deposit. The AOP will be a similar lines to TAAI JBG that exists to offer IATA, a joint financial security. The JBG program will be based on “Mutual Liability.” Every member joining the Joint Bank Guarantee program will be admitted based on a cash deposit that agency makes with TAAI AOP.

The amount of cash deposit will be based on the trading value. Members will also require paying an administrative fee towards the participation in JBG Program, as in TAAI JBG with IATA. It is made clear that admission into the JOINT Bank Guarantee program is not guaranteed and this depends on the rules framed from time to time by the Committee.

The rules and guidelines, to effectively manage the AOP and the JBG program, will be worked out by the AOP members, under communication to Managing Committee.

AOP Membership Fee: The admission fee to join the TAAI-Connect AOP is ₹2000. Thereupon, depending on the overall administrative costs, the committee can fix a nominal annual fee.

TAAI-Connect in its new ‘Avatar’

  • NDC Access

  • Joint Bank Guarantee Option for Air & Non-Air Products

  • Corporate Booking & B2B Tool

  • Mobile Applications

Agencies are online without investments on technology!

  • Access NDC
  • Access Air & Non Air Products
  • Join TAAI-Connect AOP
  • Opt for your participation in JBG for Non BSP Products.

TAAI-Connect, the ambitious TAAI initiative on Digital Empowerment is on its upscale.Presenting the new Avatar – supported by our Technology Partner TPConnects.

  • TAAI-Connect aims at our own “NDC” access – an important opportunity for our members.
  • Integration with Wholesalers/Suppliers/Air & Non-Air Products.
  • TAAI-Connect AOP at two levels with Several benefits.